One of the 4 Strategic areas Welisane Foundation lays emphasis on is “Economic Empowerment” of Girls and Women.

There can be no true empowerment without economic empowerment.

We cannot talk about empowerment when women are not economically empowered ( source of livelihood – can work and earn money – We support women with small funding and grants so they can be able to start something of their own.

Link them up with investors – facilitator linking them with people who can give support for their project

  • Every international day of the rural women – have small projects that they propose and then they choose projects that are feasible
  • Choose one community and take about 50 women present and then we take about 20 women
  • How do we choose the community ? – work with communities where we are from

Case Studies / Past Work / Campaigns

  • Oroko community (Kumba) Baka Pygmies (2019 )
  • We give funds and then members of the team supervise (50,000 CFA)

Case studies –

  • Veronique is into snail farming – she used the money to buy basics she is applying (4 – 6 months)
  • Evaluate how she is doing – team (who goes there from time to time and If she has any challenges we can support).
  • Alice is one of the girls we trained to produce reusable pads


  • Cameroon Baptist Convention – Give space and women patients come for
  • Schools
  • Ericsson
  • Integrated Health Organization

Partnering with SheSkill’d to empower 30 teenage girls with soft and employable skills and of course tell them about unwanted pregnancies in line with our Vacances Sans Grossesses Campaign.


Vacances Sans Grossesse/Pregnancy Free Holidays

The long holiday is a time of relaxation and adventure for young people.
However many due to peer pressure or out of excitement may get involve in risky activities and compromising situations leading to sexual activity.
Although both boys are girls engage in this act, sadly enough it is the girl who is affected if she gets pregnant.
She misses the next academic year or two. And may end up a school drop out.
More so, this could lead to death from attempted abortions or medical complications, depression, suicide, substance abuse among others.
If girls of the yesterday years made this mistake, Welisane Foundation can not fold it’s arms and let this generation make the same mistakes.

That’s why they started a holiday campaign Vacances Sans Grossesse/Pregnancy Free Holidays to sensitize and educate young girls on the health and individual risk of unwanted pregnancies. The Foundation has designed short key messages on causes, consequences, prevention, abstinence, abortion, menstrual education, contraception to be disseminated by youth peer leaders via the social media, mass media and face to face discussions where youths will be gathering for fun activities this holiday.