70% of girls in Cameroon are illiterate according to UNESCO (2016 – 2017).

What can we do to reduce the number? Wanted to start supporting girls with tuition and didactic materials (primary level). We sponsor girls (5 – 11 years) and secondary school girls.

We choose girls according to the communities where we find ourselves. Identify schools in the rural communities and go to community leaders and ask them to help them to identify girls who can benefit. Girls who have a burning desire.

  • Primary schools – 20 girls (till finish primary school)
  • Secondary school – 15 girls

Case Studies / Past Work

Cannot exceed 50 girls at a time (tuition is free, but need to pay PTA level is 8,000 frs )
To sponsor one girl – 10,000 CFA can stay in school for an academic year

Secondary school – $65,000 a year

So far, we have 41 girls